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QEEG Brain Mapping: What to Expect and Preparation Checklist

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

A QEEG brain map informs us of the electrical activity taking place in your brain. It specifically provides us an understanding of which brain frequencies are deficient, excessive or balanced in different neural regions. In having this information, we are able to create a treatment plan or protocol specific to you.

A QEEG brain map typically runs between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. A cap containing 19 receptor sites and corresponding wires to both your head and ears is placed on your head.

A saline mixture is then placed in each receptor site using a syringe. This mixture promotes a strong connectivity between your brain activity in those areas and the receptor site. Once a strong connection has been made at each receptor site, the computer being used can obtain a reading of your brain’s electrical activity.

You will first be asked to sit as still as possible with your eyes closed for approximately 10 minutes, but without entering into a deeply relaxed or sleep-like state. You will then be asked to sit with your eyes open for a similar amount of time. Your clinician will inform you of the time as it passes and will offer you breaks if needed.

Instructions/Preparation Checklist

The following instructions are for clients to review and follow prior to a QEEG brain map. Following these instructions will help assure the best results.

Illness ~ If you are sick several days leading up to or the day of your scheduled QEEG, we ask for you to reschedule. In order to obtain the most accurate results, it is best for you to be feeling well and healthy for at least 2 days prior to your QEEG

Sleep ~ It is best to get a good night’s sleep prior to a QEEG. Let us know if you have any sleep problems or disturbances in general or had a poor sleep the night before your QEEG

Hair & Scalp ~ Connections to your scalp can be made quicker when your hair is clean and dry. Use a Ph neutral detergent shampoo the night before or on the day of your scheduled appointment. Wash your hair several times. Make sure your hair is completely dry before coming in for your QEEG If you have a toupee, please remove or be able to remove for your appointment. No chemical treatments (e.g. coloring, perms etc.) should be used 48 hours before your QEEG. DO NOT USE OILS, LOTIONS, MOUSSE, GELS or HAIRSPRAYS prior to your QEEG.

Medications ~ If you are taking a stimulant medication (i.e. ADHD medication), it is preferable to do the QEEG recording without the medication for 24 hours prior. Also check with your prescribing physician to determine if it is possible to stop taking the stimulants 48 hours prior to the QEEG. If 48 hours is not advisable, 12-24 hours is the next preferred length of time. Do not make any changes in any other medication(s) unless authorized by your physician and talk to your clinician prior to or upon arrival if this is not feasible at all

Over the Counter Medications or Supplements ~ Avoid taking over the counter medication 3 to 4 days prior to the QEEG. This includes Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil), Aspirin, allergy medications, cough and cold medications, herbs, nasal sprays, neutraceuticals (sports drinks), food supplements (including amino acids). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to your QEEG

Caffeine ~ Avoid drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages the day of your QEEG (one cup is fine). Drinks with excessive amounts of caffeine content (e.g. Red Bull) should not be consumed at least 15 hours prior to your QEEG

Alcohol and Drugs ~ Alcohol should be avoided at least 24 hours prior to your QEEG. Marijuana should be avoided at least 72 hours prior to your QEEG

Contact Lenses ~ As you are required to close your eyes for a length of time during the QEEG, you may be asked to remove your contact lenses if they are causing you any discomfort

The day of the QEEG, you should…

- Eat a high protein breakfast

- Drink plenty of water

- Not wear any makeup on your eyes, forehead or ear lobes

- Not wear any jewelry on your neck or ears

- Avoid nicotine at least 3 hours prior to your session

- Bring any medications or supplements you would like to take after your QEEG is complete


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