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MettaMorphosis Neurotherapy Centre offers the opportunity to experience being seen as a person with unlimited potential. You have the chance to look at what you are currently creating in your life, explore what you would rather be putting your energy into, and receive support in creating the outcome you truly desire and deserve.

Our Team 

Larry McMechan


Registered Psychotherapist


My philosophy of treatment is to listen deeply to what has happened. I ask pertinent questions, not to judge what you have experienced, but to assist me in understanding what has happened and how it is affecting you now. We will embark on a journey together to unravel the reasons and answers that have eluded you so far. I use a client-centred approach, which means that you are the expert and I am the assistant. I will not try to fix you, but together, we will deconstruct what has happened and work towards creating the outcomes that you want.

My background is a mix of life coaching, conflict management skills including mediation and group facilitation, education and counselling techniques.My mission is to support individuals and families to grow toward a more expansive view of themselves. I inspire better communication, positive thoughts and feelings, with actions that promote wellbeing.

To increase the effectiveness of the talk therapy sessions and to decrease the length of treatment, I use a neurofeedback system. This program allows our brain to become more adaptable and flexible. Neurofeedback requires nothing more than sitting in a comfortable chair, listening to music and watching video images. Relax.

Our team at MettaMorphosis strives to create a safe environment to learn, explore and practice expressing your True Self. With our diversity of educational backgrounds, skills, interests, and eagerness to engage in professional and personal development, we strive to guide you toward the life you know is possible. 

Jennifer Sprague


Registered Psychotherapist


I am a therapist and counselor with training in Neurofeedback, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, and the Expressive Arts. My approach is client-centered and I work with empathy and compassion to help my clients find new strategies when old patterns aren't working anymore. I have 20 years experience providing therapy and deep understanding to people struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship challenges and other life issues. In addition to my clinical skills, I have years of meditation practice and experience teaching the mindfulness skills that can reduce stress and generate a new perspective on life.

I work with trauma and other life issues from an attachment-informed lens. By working with my client's essential wholeness, I re-orient them towards their inner resources and strengths, rather than trying to root out "problems". This approach is highly effective, holistic, and promotes recovery from trauma.

I am pleased to also offer neurofeedback. Brain training can help with sleep, quiet inner chatter and reduce anxiety. Often there is also a new feeling of well-being and a greater capacity to handle stress. Better regulation of the CNS can help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD and reduce symptoms of AD/HD, ASD and post-concussion syndrome.


Dr. Susan Chiddix


Registered Psychologist


Sarah Fortin 


Neurofeedback Technician

Since graduating with my Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology in 1985, my passion has been to hold a respectful and supportive space for my clients as they undertake the often challenging journey of inner exploration. 

Through the years I have sought training in techniques designed to be efficient and therefore minimize the time and discomfort involved in the change process. The approaches I use include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Focusing and Gestalt Therapy. In addition, I am certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy and clinical hypnosis. 

However, psychotherapy is not just about emplying techniques, but rather must happen on a foundation of the client's ideas, feelings, and needs. I always make it clear that I am open to feedback and discussion if the client believes there are any blocks or issues in the therapeutic alliance. 

I work with adults who report a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and phobias, relationship issues, low self-esteem and confidence issues, recovery from sexual abuse, stress management, procrastination, and addictions including smoking and compulsive over-eating. 

I can provide virtual psychotherapy to clients throughout Ontario. I am seeing clients in person and by phone or video conferencing. 

I can be reached at 705-957-3703 or by email at

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